The Tribe Blog by Sarah Cass Blog Tour

BLOG TOUR The Tribe The Tribe Series, Book 1 Sarah Cass   Add to Goodreads   Synopsis   Nirvelli is determined to wipe out any bit of happiness she has. Her life in the Tribe might have been ideal once upon a time—but three years ago one rebellious act […] Read more »

A Perfect Secret

A themed book tour through Prism Book Tours. It’s the THE REGENCY TOUR Grand Finale forA Perfect Secretby Donna Hatch Did you miss any of these fabulous tour stops? Here are snippets from each of them: LaunchWhat do you hope readers take with them when they read your book? I […] Read more »

Hello 2013

It’s been awhile. Kind of dusty around this blog. But 2013 I’m blowing off the dust and getting my focus back where it needs to be. Lots of changes are coming soon. I’ll be introducing you to some new characters, some you’ve already met. I’ll also be introducing you to […] Read more »

A Tree that Grows Toys

I couldn’t cry. Not again. I promised I wouldn’t. He said it would embarrass him. The looks he gave me. Such a mixture of little boy, teenager and man. “No more. Please Mom.” He begged me again. He didn’t want his potential new friends to see. To wonder what kind […] Read more »

New to the neighborhood

Like the title says I’m new to the area. My name is, as you can see, Mary Terrani. I’ve been writing for quite some time but it’s always been for myself or the enjoyment of friends. Now I am branching out. Please pardon the dust as I finish getting things […] Read more »