Tuesday Tales – Pretty

I’m finally back for Tuesday Tales. This week we’re heading back to see where we left Micha and Riella is up to in Shadow Play. The prompt this week is Pretty. ~*~*~ “Mistress.” Micha’s form solidified next to Gwen. “Anything to report?” Gwen’s gaze stayed on the crowd below. “Several things […] Read more »

Tuesday Tales – Ruthless – Escaping Humanity

Another great week for Tuesday Tales. This week we’re taking a peek back into Escaping Humanity the book I’m co-authoring with Sarah Cass. Another little Father/Daughter Moment with Annie and Warren. The prompt this week is Ruthless. ~*~*~ Annie chewed on her thumbnail all of her concentration on the chessboard […] Read more »

Tuesday Tales – Dance – Escaping Humanity

Welcome to Tuesday Tales. I have been fortunate enough to join this group of talented and amazing authors. This week’s prompt is Dance. I have to decided to use this weeks prompt as a nudge on the post-apocalyptic book Escaping Humanity that I am co-authoring with Sarah Cass ~*~*~ “Thank […] Read more »