Escaping Humanity – Part Four

Continuing with what my dear friend and co-author Sarah Cass started last week we are continuing the story with this weeks prompts. Sarah went first this week so you can find Part Three here.

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Abigail paced back and forth the length of the room while she listened to Warren’s side of the conversation with James. Her footsteps only paused for a brief moment when Warren mentioned that they had an amazing doctor.

“We need to be ready when they get back with this one. James says she’s dying.” Warren turned his chair around.

“Do we know what’s wrong with her?” At the shake of his head she sighed, “I’ll see what I can scrounge up test wise. Do we have an ETA?”

“Not sure. There were troops closing in on them.” Warren had crossed the room. In her distraction she didn’t even realize he’d gotten up from his chair until her hand sat in his. “Gail what is it? Is it this new girl they found? I’m sure they will get out in time.”

“No it’s not that.” Abigail handed him what looked like a playing card, “This was found today.”

“Someone found a deck of cards.” Warren turned the card over to look at both sides, “It’s not a playing card. What is it?”

“It’s a tarot card.” She bit down on her thumb nail.

“Since when do you know tarot cards?”

“College. I did some research on them. Talisa and I did actually.” Her voice thickened with tears making speech difficult. They hadn’t been here when Talisa and Roark had been killed. The guilt still ate at her for being so far away.

“I miss them too baby.” Warren pulled her close, his lips brushed her cheek, “So you found this card and it reminded you of her?”

“Not exactly how it ended up here.”

“How did it end up here?” His eyes widened, “Gail? What aren’t you telling me?”

Abigail’s arms wrapped around herself. “There was a…a man.”

“Here? Why didn’t the alarms go off?” The worry was clear on Warren’s face now.

“He barely made it to the edge of the perimeter. Dead before he hit the ground.”

“Who was he?”

“Soldier from what they could tell. He wasn’t in uniform or armed. All he had was an envelope with my name on it and this in it.” She turned to look at her husband. The fear bubbled up until she could swear it spilled out of her pores.

“That doesn’t make any sense. Why would someone send you a tarot card? And have it delivered by an unarmed soldier?”

“It’s from Talisa.” Her hand came up to stop any protest, “Before you start telling me I just think that because I miss her. It’s Talisa’s card.”

“How is that possible?” Warren looked every bit as confused and conflicted as she felt at the moment. “Baby are you sure? There were a lot of different decks like this before the war.”

“I’m sure. There is no deck like this. Talisa made this deck. She changed symbols and we were the only two that knew about it.”

“I’d say. I don’t remember any dream catchers in the Minor Arcana.” Warren chuckled a little, “Only Talisa would do something like that.”

“The dream catchers are pentacles. The wolf is the king.” Abigail’s finger ran over each part of the image as she explained them.

“So this is the King of Pentacles?” Warren’s brow furrowed, a familiar expression to her. His thoughts ran deep, and doubtful.

“It is. At least in the deck Talisa made. I helped her make it.” Her heart fell, “You don’t believe me?”

“I want to honey. It’s just…” He sighed with a frown, “James and Ilana were there when it happened. Even with their mutations I don’t see how they would have survived. I’ve been monitoring every channel I can. If they were still out there I would have heard about it by now.”

“You think I don’t know that? I’m a doctor. I know it should have killed them both instantly even with their powers.” She walked to the window and looked outside. “I should have been here. I should have been here to help.”

“Back up. Gail there is nothing you could have done. What we were doing for those kids overseas was important too. That’s how we found out what the virus did to all of us.” He wrapped his arms around her waist, “We could have been killed too if we had been here.”

“What if they are alive? Warren what if this is her way of telling us that she and Roark are alive?” Tears shimmered in her eyes, “I’m so afraid to hope but no one else would know to get this card to me.”

Warren’s hand ran along her back in an effort to sooth her, “Okay for a second let’s say this is from Talisa. What does the card mean? To you two at least.”

“Most of the meanings were the same. It meant stability, power, security, abundance. The wolf, the king is a father figure who takes care of others. Sometimes it meant completing a task.” Abigail’s eyes were glues to the card again, “What are you trying to tell me Tal?”

“Baby I want to believe that they are alive. More than anything I do. Not just for us to have or friend back but for James and the others to have their parents back.” He scrubbed his hands over his face, “That and to get two of our best fighters back.”

“What do we do? Do we tell James and Ilana ?” Abigail pulled away and started to pace the length of the room again, “If it’s true we have to find them. Bring them home.” After a few passes across the length of the room she felt herself stopped by Warren, “You think I’m crazy don’t you?”

He tucked a lock of hair behind her ear, “No I don’t.” A sad smile tugged at the corners of his mouth, “You’re hopeful and that’s not crazy. But we have to take certain things into consideration.”

“Like what?”

“Well on the off chance that they are alive we have to consider they may have been captured and this could be a trap.” Warren sighed, “It could just be their way of getting us to show where we are. Or set up an ambush.”

“What if it’s not though? What if they need us? What if they need our help?” She held onto Warren’s hand so tight her nails almost broke the skin. “I can see it in your eyes. You think I might be right.”

Warren smirked, “Only reason you see that is because we’ve been married so long. I don’t know how he’ll react but we should probably talk to Chance about it.”

“Are you sure?” Abigail couldn’t say she agreed with that idea, “He’s been saying he thought she was still alive since right after the explosion.”

“That’s the part that worries me. We don’t know how he’ll react. Talisa was his best friend.”

“She was my best friend too!” Abigail snapped back with a glare.

“Woah!” Warren held up his hands in surrender, “I didn’t mean anything by that baby.” He cupped her cheek, “We all felt the loss in different ways.”

Abigail leaned into his hand as she took a shaky breath. “I’m sorry I’m just on edge.”

Warren shook his head, “Don’t apologize. We’ve all been on edge for awhile now.” His head tilted and he took a quick glance over at his desk, “Ilana and Anna are at the plane. Soon as the other two get there they’ll take off. I just hope we can help her.”

“I hope I can help her too. I’m not guessing they had enough time to go into any detail with what she is dying from.” Abigail leaned into Warren with a sigh, “If it’s not on thing it’s another. Any word on Lucas’ scouting trip for more supplies?

“Nothing yet. Chance said some of the plants they found and replanted are growing. I’m not sure what they are growing though. Could be medicinal…or lettuce I’m not sure.”

A genuine smile peeked through, followed by a laugh, “Maybe we’ll be lucky and it’s a little bit of both.”

“There’s my girl.” Warren smiled and placed a soft kiss on her neck, “We can hope we get both.”

“That’s all we really have right now is hope.”

“And a tarot card.”


For the Indie Ink Writing Challenge this week, Grace O’Malley challenged me with “King of Pentacles” and I challenged Airicka Phoenix with “Less is More”.

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    What an interesting twist! This story is filled with such great emotion and detail.
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