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Another great week for Tuesday Tales. This week we’re heading back to see what Riella is up to in Shadow Play. The prompt this week is Address.


Micha scanned the crowd on the dancefloor with a watchful eye. On a normal night there was little to be wary of. Tonight however had been an evening full of surprises and they all surrounded one woman. First her nonchalance in regards to coming to the club with a Genesis demon, even going as far as to mention they were roommates. Then she called him out on his attempt to read her. The grand finale though had been when she effectively shut him out of her mind.

Gwen had been the only one that had been successful at that and even then it entailed her telling him to ‘Fuck off’. When that occurred he gave her the space she requested.

A growl rumbled through his chest as his gaze landed on Riella and Nathaniel dancing. One look at the other demon’s eyes told him the man was close to feeding from her on the dance floor. He loathed to even think of him as a man. He straightened up as he watched her lead him to the lounge in the back where feeding could be handled in private.

“What’s got your panties all twisted Micha?” Gwen leaned against the railing next to him.

“Mistress.” Micha bowed his head respectfully in her direction. The last thing he wanted to discuss with her was the woman he had met and the company she kept. “I know not what you speak of. I am merely scanning the crowd for issues.”

“Do you really think me that daft Micha? I can tell when something has your feathers ruffled.” Gwen smirked over at him as she took a sip of her drink.

“I am monitoring a situation. That is all.” A situation that could get her killed if he did not remain vigilant.

“And what exactly does this situation entail?” Boredom laced her words.

“A young woman came into the club tonight with a demon. Nothing more than ensuring her safety while she is a guest of your establishment.” One way or another she would deduce the information he withheld from her.

“Animal, mineral or vegetable? What kind of woman?” Her eyebrow quirked up with a wry smile.

“The kind that apparently goes dancing with a demon and takes him to the donor lounge.” He blew out a frustrated breath.

“You’re no fun tonight.” Gwen sighed with a slight shake of her head. Are we going to address the elephant on the balcony or are you going to dance around the shadows all night Micha? It’s not often that you get riled about a human woman.”

“Riella is no ordinary human.” Internally he cringed as the woman’s name passed his lips. Gwen would take any opportunity to tease him mercilessly over the slip.

Laughter filled the small space of the balcony. “First name basis? Pray tell what kind of human is she then?”

“I am not completely sure. At the very least I get the sense that she is a natural witch, a powerful one at that. Beyond that I am unsure. She was able to sense my attempt to scan her mind.”

“There are not many that can sense that. You are always very discreet about it. She must have some power.” Gwen chewed thoughtfully on a piece of ice from her glass.

“I am aware of that Mistress. There is a great deal of power there. She locked me out of her mind.” Micha mentally sighed. No use in hiding information from Gwen at this point. It would only anger her in the end.

“That is powerful. And she’s in my club with a demon?” Gwen signaled down to the bar for another drink. “What kind of demon?”

“She is here with Nathaniel Weston Mistress.” He pursed his lips as he watched her out of the corner of his eye.

“I’m sorry what did you just say?” Gwen’s eyes widened.

Micha pointed towards the entrance to the donor lounge as Riella and Nathaniel moved back onto the dance floor. “You may see for yourself.”
“He’s here?” The excitement in her voice turned his stomach.

“Apparently so and he is here with a witch. They appear to be extremely familiar with each other.” His eyes remained on the pair as the worked their way back into the crowd of dancers while a frown tugged at the corners of his lips.

“Relax Micha. I am not ready to die just yet. Soon but not this exact moment. Perhaps I should be more worried about the affect this witch is having on you?” She turned to face him fully.

“What is there to worry about Mistress? I will continue to perform the duties you pay me for to the best of my ability.” Truth be told he worried for Riella as well. Genesis demons gained their strength from the life force of others and the power he felt from her in their brief encounter worried him. If Nathaniel harvested her life force it could make his job all that more difficult.

“You are intrigued beyond your normal passing interest though. I’m not blind.” Gwen huffed with a roll of her eyes.

“Merely for the complication it will bring if he is feeding off of her.” The words felt hollow as they passed his lips. Something drew him to the woman now grinding her hips against Nathaniel’s. A twinge ran through him causing parts of him to awaken that had been dormant for years. Despite his best efforts Gwen had never returned his feelings for her. Years of practice had taught him to resist and ignore such urges.

“Or the fact that something other than me got your dick to stand at attention.” Gwen snorted through her laugh. “You’re attracted to her.”

“Even if I were I would do nothing to jeopardize your safety.” A growl rolled through him as his eyes met Riella’s in the crowd and she winked up at him. The small gesture caused him to harden further and strain against the confines of his jeans.

“Oh you have it bad.” Gwen grinned over at him as she tapped one perfectly manicured finger against her lips. “This may work to our advantage.”

“How so?” Micha knew Gwen and with that knowledge the dread with the request he knew would come to fruition in a moment.

“Get to know her. Find out what the little witchlet knows. Find out who she knows and what she is doing with Nathaniel Weston.” One of her shoulders rose in a small shrug. “And when it is all said and done you can be there to comfort her.”

“Yes Mistress. I will see what intel I can gather.”


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  1. Jean Joachim says:

    Nice building intrigue in this piece. I wonder why he’s so attracted to Riella? And is Gwen jealous? Or will she be? Lots of questions make me want to read more.


  2. Sarah Cass says:

    Oh loverly….you know I love them…and all fo the Micha/Riella stuff is great (and hoooot)…can’t wait to see how you handle Gwen and Nathaniel 😉
    Sarah Cass recently posted..Tuesday Tales – Address – Free FallingMy Profile


  3. The world and characters have me intrigued. Great dialogue and subtext as well.
    Flossie Benton Rogers recently posted..Tuesday Tales: Shale 3-2-2015 by Flossie Benton RogersMy Profile


  4. V.L. Locey says:

    Wonderful excerpt!
    V.L. Locey recently posted..Tuesday Tales – AddressMy Profile


  5. Jillian says:

    Very nice. Lots of intrigue and questions to be answered.


  6. Gwen seems to be stirring the pot. Well done scene.


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