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Another great week for Tuesday Tales. This week we’re heading back to see what Micha is up to in Shadow Play. The prompt this week is Stairs.


“Oh don’t be such a party pooper.” Gwen smacked Micha in the chest. “Have some fun while you are getting information. Your service to me doesn’t entail you being a monk.”

“Would that not complicate things if Riella is attached in any way to Nathaniel?” Micha showed no outward reaction. His eyes stayed on the dancefloor. On Riella. The way her leather clad hips moved to the music did nothing to quell the building lust in his body.

Images danced through his mind to the beat of the music. Fantasies of plucking the pins from her golden curls and running his fingers through them and pulling her back against him to feel her ass grind against him as she danced. One hard tug on the laces of her corset to free her breasts so he could feel them pressed against his chest.

A solid punch to his arm pulled his musing. “Yes Mistress.”

“You haven’t heard a word I’ve said. I’m not even sure I want to know what is going through that shadowy mind of yours. Use the attraction to your advantage. I know you won’t disappoint me.” Gwen smirked up at him.

“I will not fail you Mistress.”

“Then what are you waiting for?”

Micha held one finger up signaling her to wait. Nathaniel leaned in close to Riella’s ear before he moved through the crowd towards the bar. Riella continued to dance alone in the middle of the crowd. “She has already shut me out once. Without good reason she will not be receptive.”
“What did you have in mind then?” Gwen leaned on the railing.

“There is an Obariyan demon approaching her. I believe it wishes to take her as its new host.” His eyes never left Riella as he moved towards the stairs. “Before I approach her further it would be appropriate to see how skilled she is.”

“You’ll never be able to live with yourself if she is killed in the process Micha. Are you sure this is the best way to start a conversation with her? Hello tends to work much better.” A smile tugged at the corners of Gwen’s mouth.

“The amount of power I sensed from her tells me that she will be able to handle herself.” He knuckles turned white with the grip he had on the railing. Gwen had been correct that he would not be able to live with himself is she were harmed.

The Obariyan demon grabbed Riella by the hips and pulled her back against him. He whispered something into her ear that made her laugh. Another demon friend perhaps? Micha descended the stairs signaling the other guards and bouncers to converge on the area but to make no move.

Riella reached into her purse and palmed something in her hand. Her hips never stopped moving against the other demon. As she danced she slipped the vial she had pulled from her purse and tucked it into her cleavage. Another laugh passed her parted lips as the demon trailed a fingertip along her throat. The sight of her tongue darting out across her bottom lips did nothing to help Micha’s focus. This woman was going to kill him and he hadn’t even touched her yet.

Micha lifted an eyebrow when he glanced in Nathaniel’s direction and noticed him leaning against the bar sipping his drink. His attention snapped back to Riella as simultaneously her boot slammed down into the demon’s foot the same time her head whipped back and caught him in the nose. She brought her leg up and snapped it out landing a blow to his chest and sending him stumbling back.

“I’d stand back if you have an allergy to white magic.” Riella grinned at the patrons around her. Surprisingly they formed a circle around the pair as if they had paid to see a fight.

The Obariyan demon snarled and bared a mouth full of inhuman fangs at her. “Bitch. I will have your body.”

A sexy smirk graced Riella’s lips. “I don’t think so. Interested to see what kind of trinket you leave me though.”

“You won’t be so smug when I’m inside of you little girl.” The demon growled.

“I have to say that is the most disgusting pick up line I’ve ever heard. Are you going to keep running your mouth or can we get back to our dance?” Riella extended her hand and motioned for him to come at her with one finger.

Micha edged towards the group as the demon launched himself at her. Admiration rose within him as he witnessed the young witch not only fend off the attacks easily but give back just as much as the demon threw at her. If she moved this well in a fight he could only imagine how well she would move below him in bed.

By the looks of the confrontation before him she would not only be able to withstand a night with a demon but she could probably give him a run for his money. The thought of her legs wrapped around him as he took her against the nearest solid object tested the fabric of his jeans. One word. Fucked. He was completely fucked.

A snarl rose from his belly as her head snapped back and blood trickled from the corner of her mouth. His eyes widened as her violet eyes flashed brighter and a bolt of energy shot from her hand. The demon howled in pain as he started to disintegrate. The remnants of the demon swirled in a cyclone near the floor before converging on one spot. Micha pursed his lips as he watched her extract the vial from between her breasts and pour it on the object that remained in the place of the demon.

Riella exhaled a heavy sigh. “A jade dragon? How cliché.”

Without another thought Micha swirled into shadows and reappeared behind her as she dropped the trinket into the purse she retrieved off of the floor. He laid a hand on her shoulder and immediately wrapped his arms around her in a bear hug as he heard a Romani chant pouring from her lips.
“Riella.” He snapped. “I mean you no harm.” A groan rolled through him as she struggled against him rubbing her ass against his aching cock. Totally screwed.

“Let me go damn it. I did you a favor!” She yelled back at him.

Micha lifted her up and moved quickly towards the medical room in the back of the club. No matter how impressed he had been with her skills the patrons could not be allowed the illusion that they could kill each other. The club had always been a no kill zone. “Stop struggling.”

“Then stop restraining me asshole. I know how to kill you too.” Her body vibrated in anger.

Once inside he kicked the door shut and spun her around to face him. Her fist shot out and caught him across the jaw. A growl rumbled through his chest and echoed throughout the room. He backed her against the wall and caught both of her wrists to pin them over her head. “Riella please.”
Riella bounced on the balls of her feet and wrapped her legs around his waist squeezing as she did. “Let. Me. Go.” She bit out as she glared up at him.

The growl quickly turned to a groan as the heat from her body seared the only part of his body that was happy at the moment. It took every ounce of control to not crush his lips to hers and give her another reason to be flushed. The feel of her hips grinding against him didn’t remotely compare to the brief fantasy he had earlier.

“So does watching a fight make you hard or am I just special?” She punctuated the question by rolling her hips against his.

He was positive now. Completely fucked.

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  1. Iris says:

    Interesting read this week!
    Iris recently posted..Tuesday Tales – STAIRS ~ #TT1 #Reading #WIPMy Profile


  2. V.L. Locey says:

    Oh my, I do like where this is going! Looking forward to next week. 😉
    V.L. Locey recently posted..Tuesday Tales – StairsMy Profile


  3. Joselyn says:

    I like the tension and action in this scene!
    Joselyn recently posted..Tuesday Tales – #TT1My Profile


  4. Well met, those two. Can’t wait to read more.


  5. Jean Joachim says:

    Fabulous scene! Sexy, powerful and full of action. Well done! Sucked me right in. These two are going to be a hot pair.


  6. Trisha Faye says:

    Poor thing, he doesn’t stand a chance!


  7. woo! I love this. Sexy pair for sure.
    Jillian Chantal recently posted..Cover Reveal Party – March 18, 2015My Profile


  8. So intriguing! I look forward to seeing what these two have in store for us, and each other.
    Flossie Benton Rogers recently posted..Mythic Monday: Keats’ La BelleMy Profile


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