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I’m finally back for Tuesday Tales. This week we’re heading back to see where we left Micha and Riella is up to in Shadow Play. The prompt this week is Pretty.


“Mistress.” Micha’s form solidified next to Gwen.

“Anything to report?” Gwen’s gaze stayed on the crowd below.

“Several things intrigue me. Nothing that immediately worries me.” He forced boredom into his tone in the hopes that Gwen would leave the subject alone. Part of him wanted to be greedy and keep all thoughts of Riella to himself.

“You can’t fool me Micha. This pretty little witch has your shadows all in a tizzy.” Her eyes met his with a hint of playfulness in them. That meant only one thing. Trouble.

“Not trying to fool you. The meeting today did not yield as much information as you think it might. Unless you are truly interested in which form of Tai Chi Riella studies.” His fingers tightened around the railing of the balcony. As the words left his mouth images of Riella teased him as if she were right in front of him.

“Fuck her.”

“Excuse me Mistress?” Misha jerked back in surprise at the statement.

“Bend her over something, take her against the nearest hard surface, screw her until she can only ride her broomstick in circles…”

“Gwendolyn she does not ride a broomstick.” Micha pressed his lips together in an effort not to fall in to whatever teasing Gwen had in store for him.

“Well you would probably be a little less stressed if she rode you in a few circles.” She rolled her eyes as she leaned back with her elbows on the railing. “Honestly Micha, you need to loosen up. I haven’t seen you this riled up over a human since…well since me.”

“He has his soul.” Perhaps a change in tactic would steer her away from her current thoughts. Not that it would avoid the topic entirely.

“Don’t be ridiculous Micha. The soul leaves the body when the Genesis demon takes over the host body.” The twitch in her cheek told him the statement made her wary.

“You know I would not jest about this. I am unsure of how it occurred. Only that it was Riella that returned it to him.” If he wanted the answer to how he would need to tread carefully with Riella. After being caught watching her it would take a bit to build up her trust in him.
“Maybe she just told you that she did. Perhaps she is lying to you.”

“I do not believe she misled me. I watched them today. He cares for her. I am unsure how it is possible.” Micha releases his grip on the railing and motioned to one of the other bouncers to handle a situation brewing below on the dance floor.

“Better yet he could be faking it. He did feed off her when they were in here didn’t he?” Gwen ground her teeth together so hard he could feel the vibration from it.

“He did not.”

“Didn’t you point them out to me coming out of the donor’s lounge?” One perfectly arched eyebrow rose.

“It was the assumption when they went in there but according to the log they paid for a donor. According to Geen, Nathanial refused to feed from Riella. Claimed he didn’t want to hurt her.”

“You could be grasping at straws Micha. For all we know it’s an act and she is his personal feeding source.” Gwen tossed back a glass of scotch one of the waitresses set down next to her.

He was the one grasping at straws? They were dealing with the man that had been prophesized to kill the woman standing in front of him. “I do not believe I am but I will endeavor to uncover more. If she accepts my offer Riella and I will be training together.”

“Training? Is that what Penumbra call foreplay now?” The corner of Gwen’s mouth pulled up in a smirk.

Micha blew out a breath of frustration. “I will report back when I know more.”

“Good. Now that we’ve settled that there is something else I need to discuss with you. There are rumors that the Sirens are poking around again. That is the last thing I need right now.” Gwen gave the leather vest she wore a tug to straighten it.

“Why would they try again now? They have never been able to get any reliable information.” Another complication. Nathaniel already had him on alert. The Sirens were a distraction they didn’t need.

“They are a persistent little bunch. Enyo picked up something at the bar last night. They’ve sent their best demon hunter.” She held her hand out with a small smile. The waitress handed her another glass of scotch.

“Demon hunter? Do we know who they might have sent?” Micha’s back stayed tense. There were few demon hunters with the skill set needed for this type of job.

“No clue. I need you to find out. Delegate if you need to. Mr. Weston is the top priority. Use the little witch however you need to.”

“Mistress I do not know if that…”

“However you need to Micha.” Gwen interrupted him.

“Yes Mistress.”

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  1. Intriguing. This is the first snippet I’ve read and I like it.


  2. V.L. Locey says:

    I really enjoyed that. Well done!


  3. Trisha Faye says:

    Nice! I got so engrossed reading the story that I forgot to look for the prompt. Nice to see you back in TT!


  4. Jean Joachim says:

    Who could the demon hunter be? I hope we find out soon. Intriguing story.


  5. Interesting back and forth between them. I like the smart comments.


  6. Jillian says:

    welcome back. Very intriguing and compelling snippet. Can’t wait to learn more.


  7. Iris says:

    Welcome back indeed. Interesting snippet this week !


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