Tuesday Tales – Beat

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Back again this week for Tuesday Tales. This week we’re heading back to Shadow Play. The prompt this week is Beat.


“What are you up to?” Nate whispered against Riella’s ear as they stepped into ShadowLight.

“Up to? Why would I be up to something? I thought we were scouting again tonight.” Riella walked straight for the bar and held her hand up to signal for the bartender.

“You’re wearing a dress. You hate fighting in a skirt. Trying to impress someone tonight?” Nate smirked at her.

“Two scotch neat please.” She smirked right back at Nate. “Is there something wrong with what I’m wearing?” He had a point. She did hate fighting in a skirt. Loathed it actually. But the plan she had for the evening didn’t include fighting.

“You look amazing. Just don’t want you to get hurt. That’s all.” Nate took a sip of the drink placed in front of him.

“I’ll be fine. Hurt is not what I’m going for tonight.” Riella dropped a twenty in front of the bartender. “Can you tell Micha Riella is here looking for him please?”

“He is working. I doubt he has time to socialize.” The bartender said curtly.

“That’s okay. I’ll let him know myself.” Riella winked at the girl behind the bar before she closed her eyes. She imagined the brick wall she had erected in her mind the last time they had been there. One brick wiggled lose and pulled free of the wall. Three more followed suit leaving behind a small opening.

With her eyes now open she looked up at the balcony and mentally directed his name in that direction. Shock with a hint of intrigue bounced back at her. She slid the bricks back in place and leaned back against the bar.

Micha materialized ten feet in front of her. His stoic expression held no key to his thoughts. That is until he spotted Nate. The demon placed himself between the pair at the bar. “Riella are you all right?”

“Micha don’t be rude.” She stepped around him to stand next to Nate. “Are you busy? You’re bartender implied that you shouldn’t be interrupted.”

“My apologies.” His eyes darted up towards the balcony for a brief second. “I am not too busy at the moment.”

“Good.” Riella grinned up at him as she took his hand in hers. The question of who she assumed he asked permission from would be tabled for another time.“Dance with me.”

“I would be unable to take you on the dancefloor.” Micha replied but did not let go of her hand.

“Well then take me somewhere you can…dance that is.” If she didn’t know any better she could have sworn Micha blushed. Nate on the other hand choked on his drink.

“Come with me.” Micha pulled her close and they faded from sight in the main part of the club. They rematerialized in another room. A desk and several bookshelves lined one wall. The king size bed took up the majority of the other wall. No pictures or trinkets displayed in the room. The beat from the music of the club hadn’t vanished completely but had been reduced to a faint vibration in the walls.

“Your room or just some place you take girls who want to dance?” Riella trailed a fingertip along the spine of one of the many books.
“Why are you here Riella?”

The gruff tone in Micha’s voice gave Riella pause. She extracted her hand from his and ran it along her skirt. “I came to see you. I thought after the other day it would be a welcome visit.”

“You brought Nathaniel.”

“He insisted on coming along. Wanted to make sure I was safe. I’m sorry I guess this was a bad idea.” She moved for the door and stopped with her hand on the knob. “May I leave this way or do you need to take me back the way we came in?”

“You do not need to leave.” He stood behind her but didn’t touch her.

“I think that might be for the best. Perhaps keep some of my dignity intact.” Riella flashed a sad smile over her shoulder at him. A pang of regret echoed in her chest. Yes there was a mission involved in all of this but at the moment Nate’s words came back to haunt her. A connection with Micha…at least a small part of her hoped.

“I do not see any loss in dignity here.” His hand came to rest on her shoulder.

“Wow you really are part of a dying breed. Being nice even when I have embarrassed myself beyond all belief.” She cleared her throat, “So was that a yes to being able to leave through this door?”

“I see no embarrassment. Perhaps a miscommunication.” Micha turned her to face him.

“Oh I think the message was pretty clear Micha.” Why did the thought of rejection from Micha hurt? It shouldn’t have hurt. A job. This was all for a job.

“What do you believe that message to be?” He took a step closer even with her mirrored step back that trapped her against the door.

Riella placed her hands on his chest. “You are only interested in training, nothing more than that. As I said I misread the situation.”

Micha closed his eyes. The expression on his face intrigued her as the internal debate played out across his features. Guilt, need, regret and lust all flickered across his face. When he opened his eyes she could have sworn they flashed brighter and he settled into one expression. Hunger. “Riella.”

“Yes Micha.”

“You did not misread anything. There are things though you were incorrect about though. The last thing I am interested in at the moment is training.” Micha backed her fully against the door.

“Do me a favor Micha…”

“Yes Riella.”

“Shut up and kiss me.” 

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  1. V.L. Locey says:

    Yes, please, do be quiet and kiss her. =D Great excerpt!


  2. Susanne Matthews says:

    Great scene. Love it.


  3. Sarah Cass says:

    Loving how this one is progressing…you need to write FAR more often, woman.


  4. Great build up, emotion, tension, and sexy ending to the scene. I like the vulnerability they have despite their powers. Want more!


  5. Nice scene. I love the back and forth between them.
    Joselyn Vaughn recently posted..Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – BeatMy Profile


  6. Jean Joachim says:

    Steamy scene! Love the dialogue and her embarrassment. Well done!


  7. Gotta love a woman with sass.


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