Decking the Halls

Re-Release Date September 4,2015.

Amaia Sinclair applies for a job at Buchanan and Ellsworth because it’s the best job in town, not because the man in charge happens to be her first love. She is the best at what she does, and needs a job closer to her ailing mother. She wants to be hired on her own merits, and is; but what she doesn’t expect is that the man she left behind would want to pick up where she left off so many years ago.

Declan Buchanan thought he’d never see Amaia again after she disappeared from his life so many years ago. When she walked into his office with an impressive resume and bold ideas for the company he hires her on the spot. Problem is, he can’t keep his thoughts strictly business. Everything in him wants to reclaim what they once had.

When the deception of their past rears its ugly head on the most important night of their careers, they could lose not only each other but the company they’ve worked hard to rebuild. Which will they choose? The company or each other?