Escaping Humanity

In 2023 all major cities have been nearly destroyed. Everything is in chaos. In an attempt to make a ‘super soldier’ a consortium of the world’s top scientists designed a virus that swept across the globe. It turned ordinary humans into mutants. After almost ten years of covert operations to destroy the virus, and the results of their blunder, they began an all out war. One that ended in total disaster.

Japan is under water, California joined it not long after. New York was nearly leveled. All forms of communication are gone or severely compromised. The internet is almost non-existent. Cell towers are down everywhere and even in areas there are towers up getting a signal is near impossible.

The militaries around the world are rounding up mutants. Torturing and killing the mutants they created. Now the mutants are gathering. Trying to find a safe haven and rebuild some semblance of a life in a world turned upside down.

The governments that created them are hell-bent on destroying them. Will they survive? Only time will tell if they are successful in Escaping Humanity.

Escaping Humanity is being co-written by Mary Terrani and Sarah Cass.